The Pellet Stove

If it's cool outside and you'd like some warm heat in the living room, you can make a fire in the pellet stove.

  • Open the left side of the unit:

  • You will see several dials. The ONLY dial you need to move is the one labeled "Room Temp/Constant Burn". Turn the dial counter-clockwise until the arrow lines up with the "pink" indicator, as shown here:

  • Pellets will drop (you will hear them falling into the fire box) and fire will ignite. Leave the pellet stove at this setting until you are ready to turn it off.
  • Please turn off the stove before it runs out of pellets. Open the pellet box on top to check pellet level. If you can clearly see pellets in the hopper, then you don't need to add more.
  • You can add pellets while the firebox is hot. Bags of pellets are stored in the garage (in season) next to the back door steps, as shown here:

  • Open a single bag of pellets and pour all the pellets into the hopper and close the lid.
  • Whenever you leave the Lodge, or if you're finished heating the living room, turn the dial labeled "Room Temp/Constant Burn" clockwise away from the "pink" indicator, back to the OFF position. The pellet stove will continue to run for about 20-30 minutes while it completes its cool-down cycle.

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