Using the Outdoor Grill

You're welcome to use the grill on the back deck. Just be sure to monitor it closely as some components get very hot, and turn everything off when you're finished.

You can grill (or bake) with it by just setting it to a given temperature and cooking your food as normal. You can use the propane burner on the right side to boil a pot of water for corn on the cob or use the griddle to make eggs and bacon. Help yourself. 

  • To grill, you must do a "startup" process, do your cooking, and then do a "shutdown" process, as follows:
  • To start up, flip down the cover of the control panel on the face of the pellet hopper. Flip the power to ON. grill_on_button
  • Use the silver knob to pick what you want to do on the control panel, and push the knob in to select it. Select SET TEMP from the main menu. Rotate dial to the desired temperature and press to confirm. Grill will go into a 5-minute startup mode. Leave the grill door open until startup is complete.
  • Once startup has completed, close the grill lid and let the temperature reach your cooking temperature. It might go past your temperature, so let the grill settle into the desired temperature before starting to cook. Load it with your food and grill as normal.
  • When cooking is complete, use the silver knob to choose SHUTDOWN, Select it and confirm it. This will begin a 20-minute shutdown process. Leave the grill door closed until finished. Once the grill shuts down it is safe to discontinue monitoring. It will be cool to the touch. Set the power switch to OFF, and close the flip-down cover. 

To use the propane burner, just light the burner with the auto-start knob, as follows:

  • Be sure the control knob is in the OFF position.

  • Push and turn the control knob to the HIGH position.

  • If ignition does NOT occur in 5 seconds, turn control knob to “OFF”, wait 5 minutes to allow gas to dissipate and repeat lighting procedure. Once lit, choose a temperature position and cook your food. Note that this is a very powerful burner, so a lower setting is usually adequate. Adjust temperature as you cook.

  • A griddle is available in a canvas bag either beside the grill or inside in the Pantry.

  • To use the griddle, stack the grease cup, pot grate, then the griddle as shown here: grill_griddle

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